RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

Current booklet is called to present results of EaP Green “Resource efficiency and clean production” Demonstration project (RECP) in Armenia, based on activities, estimates, assistance schemes for SMEs implemented t...



Financing for SME

Leaflet on possibilities for financing RECP audits for SMEs has collected available financing options and loans which are available for small and medium companies to pursue their business ideas and cover costs of suggestive resource efficiency measures within their organizat...



RECP Results

RECP demonstration project has summarized results of RECP assessments, audits, Green clubs, Forums and rapid assessments conducted for 55 SMEs in Armenia working in food, beverage, chemical and construction material production. To have a better vision on our results and futu...



Brussels hosts the EU Eastern Partnership countries’ to the ‘Green Economy’ contribution / EaP GREEN / 5th session

On February 10-11, in Brussels,  Deputy Minister of the Nature Protection of RA, Mr. Khachik Hakobyan participates in the EU Eastern Partnership countries to the ‘Green Economy’ contribution>> / EaP GREEN / 5th  session.

Green economy investment policy is aimed at supporting the 6 countries of the Eastern Partnership for the transition to ‘green’ model of economic development, overcoming direct dependence of the economic growth on the environment degradation and waste of natural resources.

Within the framework of the Eastern Partnership countries Minister Hakobyan noted in his speech  that within the framework of Green economy investment ‘’Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production’’ (RECP) Project Steering Committee meeting was held in Yerevan in April, which discussed the program’s activities and results, as well as the idea of ​​creating RECP center. RECP center will offer consulting services and develop new resource efficiency and cleaner production technologies and ‘green economy’ strategy ‘.