Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Products for SMEs – Stakeholder Guidebook

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RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

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Financing for SME

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Final National Conference on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in Armenia

Aim of the RECP National Conference: Highlighting Key RECP Milestones: The aim of the conference is to share the objectives and outputs of the RECP project in Armenia. The conference will present RECP activities conducted in Armenia, highlighting the benefits of resource efficient, environmentally friendly business procedures and results of RECP applications for demonstration companies which were interested in running their business alongside the principles of sustainable development and green economy.

The conference will be organized to draw on the expertise and insights of stakeholders representing government, business and civil society to customize and domesticate RECP into the national context in Armenia, including business and government agendas, natural resource and environmental issues, business organization, language and culture.

Participants of the RECP National Conference

The National conference involves representatives of key ministries leading development and promotion of green policies and strategies within the country, such as Ministries of Nature protection, Energy, Agriculture, Economy, Government agencies, RECP experts as well as donor agencies and countries supporting Green economic growth, partner SME s and associations, civil society stakeholders, etc.


The overall objective of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Demonstration Component of the EU funded EaP GREEN Programme is to improve resource productivity and environmental performance of businesses and other organizations in the target industry sectors of the Eastern Partnership Economies, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and thereby contribute to sustainable industrial development and generation of employment and incomes. This is achieved through the widespread implementation of RECP concepts, methods, techniques and policies by businesses and other organizations, governments at all levels, and providers of business services, including advisory and financial services.

RECP applies proven preventive environmental approaches and productivity concepts for the triple benefits of

  • improved resource productivity (hence reduced operational costs and reduced use of materials, energy and water),
  • reduced environmental impacts (less waste, emissions and pollution) and
  • improved occupational and community health and safety.

Under the RECP Demonstration component implemented in the framework of the EAP GREEN initiative since 2013, UNIDO is implementing activities aimed at promoting RECP in Armenia in the priority industry sectors, such as agro-food processing, chemicals and construction materials. The current cycle of RECP in Armenia is actively working with 55 SMEs producing food, drinks, beverages, construction materials, chemical products, as well as newly joined producers of shoe, carpet, recreation and tourism industry representatives interested in green economic development in the regions through advancing RECP methodology.

All SMEs which have received audit services under RECP Demonstration component claim that it helped them to reduce their production costs, including costs for energy, water, production material used within the industry, elaborate new innovative ideas and advance their technology and housekeeping. As a result of RECP audits different companies including bread production, beverage, cheese producers, wineries, chemical producers were able to save 15-20 per cent of energy by restructuring the refrigeration system in the warehouses, optimization of heating and lightning systems, cutting energy losses within their production units.

The project provides SMEs with an easy to read guidance for RECP implementation in business sector, thus enabling reduction of production costs and technological needs; increase in labor productivity; possible improvement in product quality; reduction of costs associated with waste production and pollution; improvement of production conditions; reduction of energy and material losses and better housekeeping, and management practices which helps improving environmental compliance of the business sector.

National experts were trained on the RECP methodology and practical application, as well as provided with RECP audit skills by international expert training series in 2014 and 2015. As a result, the national RECP expert team has assessed around 24 demonstration SMEs producing bread, cheese, construction panels and stone, waste- based roof bricks, batteries, meet and veggies preserve producers, based on which success stories and RECP business cases from different industry sectors  were prepared by project including individual audit packages for partner SMEs.

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