Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Products for SMEs – Stakeholder Guidebook

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RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

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Financing for SME

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Module 6: Action Planning

On 26.07.2016 the ‘last meeting in the frames of ’RECP for SMEs’’ project on Module 6 – Action Plan topic took place. At the beginning of the meeting RECP National coordinator Ms. Nune Harutyunyan introduced the previous Module 5 on Chemicals and Chemical Waste, also achievements and threats. She also answered the questions raised by participants and introduced the module of the day and the aims of the module.

Facilitator Ms. D. Sahakyan introduced in details the final results and expectations which the training participants need to receive after the final module introduction. During the active discussion and dialogue-full meeting the results of all previous meetings were summarized: how the process helps in focusing on the concept and what are the necessary steps to reach goals.  What defines the Action Plan and what we want to reach in a timely fashion? It was stated that it is a mandatory written document and, is necessary for all entities engaged in business operations.

Along with the group participants the exercise called ‘’Your RECP Action Plan’’ was also done. Next, the participants were suggested to also fill it electronically.

As a result of analysis implemented for filled exercise examples some problems were identified which during RECP methodology application may threaten the further works of entrepreneurs because almost in all companies the step-by-step process of action planning is absent. Enterprises, no matter how much they claim on the existence of action planning process, the planning is present in launching and final result stages.

There is an absence of monthly and annual estimates for resources in use: water, input materials – raw materials, gas, and energy costs in Green Club member SMEs.

At the end of the meeting participants were provided with last assignments:

– Elaborate the Action Plan of your company determining the timing to implement useful tasks, economic and environmental benefit calculation, work completion and responsible people as well as define the list of management issues.