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RECP Forum on Water Use Efficiency, 4th April 2016

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UNIDO “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” (RECP) project organized the RECP multi-stakeholder regular meeting on Water Use Efficiency within the context of RECP application for Small and Medium Businesses in Armenia. The Third Stakeholder Forum in the frames of the UNIDO RECP demonstration component project took place on 4th of April 2016, in “NAIRI” Conference Hall of “Ani Plaza Hotel”, Yerevan, Armenia.
The forum was attended by the Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of RA, Mr. Khachik Hakobyan, International Aid/Cooperation Officer EU Delegation to Armenia Mr. John Barker, Head of UNIDO Operations in Armenia, Ms. Anahit Simonyan, RECP National Coordinator, Ms. Nune Harutyunyan, different interested parties Ministries and SME representatives involved in RECP assessment, UNIDO RECP national experts from the project first and second phases, NGOs and International organization representatives and RECC team members, more than 35 participants were present. During the forum the fundamental principles of the ‘’Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Primer for SMEs’’ developed for the SMEs were introduced. The goal of the Forums chain taking place in Armenia with the participation of the stakeholder Ministries, State, Private and Social organizations is the domestication and the development of RECP mentality, principles and the terminology.

The aim of the Stakeholder Forum was to:
• Demonstrate newly developed, printed and distributed RECP introductory document “RECP Primer” and discuss in what manner SMEs could benefit from RECP expertise, methods and tools application.
• Domesticate and support in the investment of RECP expertise, methods and tools in Armenia.
• Discuss the implementation procedure and development opportunities for the “Engage and learn” and “Engage and Refine” steps in RECP domestication process in Armenia.
• Adopt and develop RECP in Armenia, encourages thrust, partnerships and facilitates understanding between stakeholders.
A domesticated argument for enterprises, governments, NGO and civil society was developed on the forum by sharing experiences and viewpoints, from Ministries, leading NGOs, SMEs, as well as RECP experts.

UNIDO RECP National Coordinator/Director Ms. Nune Harutyunyan pointed the importance for the SMEs to use RECP methods, tools and application to create their ordinary business approach based on those methodologies.  Due to RECP water resource management in our industries will be implemented according to the legislative norms. In fisheries, there is high water resource inefficiency, and there is a huge potential to help these companies in improved management and reduction of costs though reducing water use and wastewater.