Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Products for SMEs – Stakeholder Guidebook

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RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

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Financing for SME

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RECP GREEN CLUB in Ararat, Armenia

Participating organizations

  • Ararat cement company (cement production)
  • Abrikon LTD – alcohol (vodka, wine production)
  • Arminashogh LTD (pastry, bread production)
  • Maximella LTD (construction materials)
  • Arame and Sophi LTD Diary Production
  • Kavashen LTD (construction materials)
  • Galiq LTD (beverages)
  • Ararat chanshin construction company (asphalt production)
  • Representatives of communal department of
  • Municipality of Ararat
  • Representatives of local media

RECP team has launched the first round of the local RECP Green Clubs in the city of Ararat, Armenia, on 8 October, 2015, in close cooperation with local municipality, city Mayor Mr. Haik Haikyants, as well as local SMEs representatives and local business organizations engaged in gold, vodka/beverage, juice, bakery and bread production, construction appliances, cheese and diary production, asphalt production, cement, caustic soda production. SMEs have introduced areas of their activity, as well as their profile, business management systems and production of goods, economic challenges. Ms. Nune Harutyunyan, RECP Armenia National Coordinator, has introduced the main idea on establishment of RECP Green Clubs, which will introduce practical aspects of application of RECP, economic and environmental impact of RECP, waste management, energy efficiency, waste water treatment and re-use of materials and resources in production cycle, as well as presented the main strategic directions of RECP Green clubs based on RECP Primer.

UNIDO National expert, Green Club Facilitator Dr. Dshkhuhi Sahakyan has introduced Module 1 Environmental profile for businesses, involving SMEs into discussion and question/answer session: the following challenges and aspects were covered:

Ararat RECP club SME feedback and questions raised

  • Local SME/producers to consider non waste /recycling options within their production cycle,
  • Climate change mitigation/adaptation: RECP as a key effective mechanism to shorten the emissions of
  • CO2, using energy efficiency and GHG emissions by business sector.
  • Issue of waste: lots of produce is being wasted, and is thrown away. RECP is called to support re-use of the wasted material, like use of outdated diary production in the baking and other industries
  • Chemical waste: licensing for conservation of the toxic waste is still absent in the country, no specific authority is assigned with this function
  • Business development swirl model: development of new products based on RECP
  • Environment and business development: pollution (waste burning, air pollution, lack of awareness and knowledge on waste management and recycling)
  • Lack of existing infrastructure and up to date technologies/financial constraints
  • RECP can serve as a methodology and practice in prevention of chemical pollution and accumulation of waste, also including reduction of air, water and other types of pollution occurring throughout production cycles in industries, especially those dealing with chemical and construction materials.

Meeting with Ungeni mayor and Ararat Mayor

Ararat 2015 RECP team together with Ararat Mayor Mr. Haikiants hosted a meeting with mayor of Ungeni, Moldova, Mr. Alexander Ambros who visited Ararat recently. Both cities discussed the Green club experiences, Ungeni has shared their experience in applying RECP specifically with regarding to waste and recycling.

Meeting with Ararat Mayor Haikiants on 08.10.2015

UNIDO RECP team has met with Ararat Mayor Mr. Haikiants and shared insights and feedback of the first RECP Green club, as well as feedback and motivation of local SMEs in employing RECP within their practices. Mayor has raised the importance of participation and practical application of RECP, as well as possibility for local business to employ practical application on Green Clubs, using self- assessment, valuation of resources, economic and environmental factors having their impact on businesses and environment of the city, importance of energy efficiency and innovation drawn upon application of RECP in the city of Ararat. Mr. Mayor has confirmed his commitment to support further Green clubs and association activities of UNIDO RECP team.