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RECP Review Training Took Place from 13-14 of June, 2016

RECP Review Training Took Place from 13-14 of June, 2016
Review training in the frames of UNIDO RECP project took place on 13 and 14 of June in REC Caucasus Armenian National Office. The training was carried out by international expert Mr. Nazir Abidjanov specialized in RECP application /methodologies, technologies and tools. Mr. Abidjanov listened to the presentations made by RECP 2 nd generation experts and gave recommendations for further development and improvement of their assessments carried out in the organizations. He expressed his appreciation towards the work done by the experts within this phase of the project and the outcomes which were presented as a result of the RECP final assessments made in the organizations. Individual consultations were carried out to make discussions more effective and understandable for the both sides. Discussions held between experts and Mr. Nazir Abidjanov helped in reviewing the final assessments done by RECP experts in selected organizations. Just to remind: selected organizations were involved in food & beverage production, manufacturing, shoe, chemicals production, and other industries. Mr. Abidzjanov made his main accent on making the data easier to understand and implement for the owners.
After listening to each of the experts presentations Mr. Abodjanov added some rcommendations which will be useful for them to be used later on while working in the companies. The main recommendations made by international expert included:
• companies are mainly having losses because of bad technological performance, so the expert suggested including technological updates and performance improvement in recommendations.
• recommendations should be specified and simplified for the owners of the companies to acknowledge importance of those recommendations for their business performance and progress.
• link one sphere to another, for example effective business operation and human resources.
• find solutions to eliminate or reduce water pollution in problematic organizations having too much environmental impacts.
• RECP methodologies must be used to find out the core reason of ineffective operation, cost generation, water, and resource cost inefficiency and try to get rid of them.
• concrete problems and concrete solutions with numerical expressions / estimations need to be specified for the owner to make it easier to understand and implement.
• experts should make preliminary recommendations and before introducing them to the business owners they should discuss those with other RECP experts who are specialized in the specific sector to which the recommendation is related (RECP energy, water and other sector experts). The training was summarized and expectations for more fertile job proceeding were expressed by both parties.