Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Products for SMEs – Stakeholder Guidebook

This Stakeholders’ Guidebook presents a range of financial sources and mechanisms thatcan be used by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the European Unio...



RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

Current booklet is called to present results of EaP Green “Resource efficiency and clean production” Demonstration project (RECP) in Armenia, based on activities, estimates, assistance schemes for SMEs implemented t...



Financing for SME

Leaflet on possibilities for financing RECP audits for SMEs has collected available financing options and loans which are available for small and medium companies to pursue their business ideas and cover costs of suggestive resource efficiency measures within their organizat...

RECP Rapid Assessments Catalogue

Rapid RECP Assessments or Preliminary RECP Assessments where implemented in the SMEs ingaged in RECP Green Clubs organized in the frame of the project. This type of RECP audits aimed to give rapid practical suggestions and clarify their business and environmental benefits at the production site. The experienced team of RECP experts passing through industrial areas, learn all the processes of production, provides on-site consulting services to production owners, organizers and implementer. If available, violations of safety rules and regulatory requirements are identified, industrial and other risks are discussed SMEs concerned or suspicious problems clarified. In case SME provided indicators of production, raw materials, relevant information on energy and water (operative equity, monthly costs, actual financial data, etc.) relevant analyzes are done, and the economic benefits of the proposed measures are assessed. Subsequently compiled a summary report (three to four pages), which typically includes eight to ten practical recommendations are provided to the owners. SMEs members of Green Clubs which have undergone through Rapid RECP Assessments implemented in 28 SMEs in four regions of the RA, were revisited in 2017 with the focus on actually implemented and employed options suggested by RECP Armenia team.