Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Products for SMEs – Stakeholder Guidebook

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RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

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Financing for SME

Leaflet on possibilities for financing RECP audits for SMEs has collected available financing options and loans which are available for small and medium companies to pursue their business ideas and cover costs of suggestive resource efficiency measures within their organizat...



”Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” (RECP) National Steering Committee Meeting

SC meeting has been organized at UN conference hall, with participation of three deputy ministers: Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Khachik Hakobyan, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of RA, Mr. Haik Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of Economy of RA, Mr. Garegin Melkonyan, Mr. Rene Van Berkel, Chief of Industrial Resource Efficiency Unit, UNIDO, Ms. Anahit Simonyan Head of UNIDO Operations in Armenia, Ms. Nune Harutyunyan, UNIDO RECP project national coordinator, Armenia, Mr. Tigran Oganezov,  UNIDO RECP project administrator.

Ms. Anahit Simonyan Head of UNIDO Operations in Armenia, welcomed and introduced the participants of the Steering Committee.

Mr. Rene Van Berkel, Ms. Nune Harutyunyan and Mr. Tigran Oganezov also welcomed the participants and talked about the RECP demonstration project activities, results, progress and application examples in demonstration organizations.

The Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of RA, Mr. Khachik Hakobyan raised the issue of RECP website in the future and suggested to solve the issue of sustainability linking it to UNIDO or Ministry websites so that in the future it is maintained. Mr. Hakobyan has mentioned that some of the SME s (for example UNIFISH) are spending way too much water during the production cycle, and RECP could assist them to develop pilot project which can help save water for irrigation of the Ararat valley. He has mentioned that UNIFISH is ready to finance such activities. Mr. Hakobyan mentioned the necessity of technology transfer which can support the company for the improvement and effectiveness of production processes. Mr. Hakobyan in his speech also mentioned the importance of establishing Green Business RECP clubs.

Deputy Minister of Economy of RA, Mr. Garegin Melkonyan has raised the issue regarding RECP budget for Armenia for upcoming activities, and requested the timeframe and work plan. He has also underscored importance of the localization/adaptation of RECP for the local SMEs. Mr. Melkonyan has also suggested choosing the regions for dialogues and RECP clubs based on the number of SMEs which are to undergo the RECP audits. Deputy Minister has mentioned that Ministry is managing many international co-operation projects with different donor organizations, and this is a possibility to look into the closer co-operation opportunities between RECP and future pilot assistance projects with SMEs. Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of RA, Mr. Haik Harutyunyan has mentioned that energy audits are becoming obligatory for many SMEs, in case the suggested draft law will be adopted by Parliament. He has mentioned that EE loans will be available for SMEs and companies interested in greening /decreasing their energy loss, thus it might be a good idea to have this in mind during the project cycle and inform SMEs on this opportunity. It was mentioned that it would be good if UNIDO could assist with financing the pilots as a result of RECP assessments. He also has recommended looking into the feasibility studies produced by KFW on energy efficiency in buildings which are a good source of information. Suggestions and Recommendations RECP center: it was suggested that center would also incur function of legislative assistance and elaboration, awareness and information dissemination, hotline for SMEs. For this purpose Strategy of CP center should be elaborated. All three deputies mentioned that establishment of the Cleaner production or RECP center is a good idea, and agreed that the Terms of Reference should be developed on possible functions, set-up, institutional framework of the center, and after that the legal status should be discussed as well. Mr. Khachik Hakobyan raises the issue of creating  a platform based on Green Economy and development of a guideline and legislation, as well as information dissemination. Mr. Garegin Melkonyan mentioned that the experts must be linked to Cleaner Production center to ensure the sustainability. He  also suggest to use instruments from the Ministry of Economy. SMEs: Assistance funding of the projects, grants can be provided in addition to SMEs from the Ministry of Economy. It was suggested to organize Steering Committee Meetings once in six months. All Steering Committee members agreed upon this request.