RECP Demonstration project: Results by 2017

Current booklet is called to present results of EaP Green “Resource efficiency and clean production” Demonstration project (RECP) in Armenia, based on activities, estimates, assistance schemes for SMEs implemented t...



Financing for SME

Leaflet on possibilities for financing RECP audits for SMEs has collected available financing options and loans which are available for small and medium companies to pursue their business ideas and cover costs of suggestive resource efficiency measures within their organizat...



RECP Results

RECP demonstration project has summarized results of RECP assessments, audits, Green clubs, Forums and rapid assessments conducted for 55 SMEs in Armenia working in food, beverage, chemical and construction material production. To have a better vision on our results and futu...



Summary of RECP methods and techniques

The ability to develop material culture, the ability to articulate speech, logical and abstract thinking, and the preparation and use of work tools are one of the essential features of humanity. During the excavations, various ancient work tools, such as stone, bone, and horns, were discovered by an ancient man. The rationality instrument is the analytical thinking apparatus. At the same time, intelligence has a creative nature, thanks to which it gains freedom over the necessary course of natural patterns.
The reader is familiar with the many previous releases of the Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) program.
The goal of the program is to incorporate the RECP terminology, principles and mentality, RECP’s lifestyle being routine and consistent development.
This article will consider RECP’s various and unique methods and tools.