Monitoring missions to EaP Green SMEs in 2022 Monitoring missions to EaP Green SMEs in 2022 date: 2022-05-20

Success stories EaP Green Monitoring.
In 2022 EU4Environment RECP project team has continued undertaken series of visits to the companies working and collaborating with project under Resource efficiency and cleaner production measures, which were recommended within the EaP Green RECP in plant assessment audits in 2014- 2017. 
These SMEs are working in construction material, chemical, metal, food and agricultural production industries: 
Small and medium-sized enterprises in Armenia have received technical advice and proposals for the implementation of individual activities for each enterprise, which offer efficient use of resources and clean production solutions. Since then, others have joined in adopting RECP measures, which has brought them continuing improvements in environmental performance, lowered production costs, and boosted productivity. 
RECP assessments identified a variety of RECP options that companies were then able to implement based on their specific needs, resources, capacity, and priorities. Throughout this process, RECP measures implemented by companies helped reducing waste and turning it into new innovative products, introduced water saving technologies for battery producer companies, recommended new solutions on energy efficiency and use of solar power, focused on improved technology change, better housekeeping, knowledge sharing and on the application of the RECP methodology in their own domains.