Round table discussion – the role of resource efficiency in the Armenian fisheries
The 22nd of December marked an important occasion for the discussion on resource use within key industrial sectors in Armenia. Developed as a Round Table discussion on resource efficiency and waste management in national fisheries, the hybrid event gathered 35 participants, representing the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Economy, the Environmental and Mining Inspection Body of Armenia, state specialized agencies, business organizations, UNIDO, international development partners, and private companies. The main objectives of the Round Table were to present the current profile of Armenian fisheries, discuss existing regulatory frameworks and barriers to increase productivity and export capacity, and present the potential application of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology. In this sense, the discussions kicked off with the current situation and challenges faced by fish farms when trying to increase their productivity. Then, it moved towards water use and re-use, the sustainable management of waste generated from fish breeding and processing, and the means to promote RECP benefits and better introduce Circular Economy principles in Armenia.
Regional Energy management training
The professionals in the field of resource efficiency and energy efficiency audit from Armenia, Georgia and Belarus were invited to participate in the Regional Energy Management training initiated within the EU funded EU4Environment Resource efficiency and cleaner production project implemented by UNIDO and National Implementing Partner REC Caucasus Armenia (10-13th of August 2020). The energy management training aimed to prepare internal energy auditors, RECP experts and internal energy managers ensuring practical approach to energy audits, enriching them with knowledge on typical hot spots for energy efficiency in SMEs, and an approach on how to (quickly) identify cost/benefit for energy efficient solutions. The training was conducted through the Zoom platform, using English as an instruction language, with working groups facilitated in national languages. The Regional Energy Management Training targeted support to RECP experts in the process of RECP assessments and identification of suitable/valid options for energy efficiency and management within SMEs.
Coaching sessions for RECP national experts in Armenia
In July and August of 2020 EU funded the EU4Environment Resource efficiency and cleaner production project implemented by UNIDO and National Implementing Partner (NIP), REC Caucasus Armenia has launched the circle of Coaching sessions for RECP national experts in Armenia as a preparatory step for RECP audits to be undertaken for SMEs, to improve their environmental performance and find out more resource efficient ways for organizing their production. The general objective of the coaching programme was to extend capacity on RECP methodology and practices among national experts and demonstrate its implementation in 15 companies strengthening national expertise on resource efficiency and cleaner production. The coaching is called to assist local companies working in plastic, fish production, textile, paper, metal processing and food producers in carrying out RECP assessments and further on the development of RECP action plans improving efficiency and environmental performance of SMEs, reducing waste, using green technologies, improving energy efficiency and cutting material losses.