Elbat electric battery producer is investing in RECP Elbat electric battery producer is investing in RECP date: 2022-06-01

“ELBAT” CJSC is a leading producer of high-quality lead-acid batteries. The company offers a wide range of batteries for cars and commercial vehicles between 40-100 A/H and 120-200 A/H, and provides technical services to select the best battery option for its clients. The enterprise’s annual production is
around 15,000 batteries. Motivated to improve its environmental performance and optimize its resource usage (materials, water, energy) the company joined EaP GREEN in 2017. The programme was in line with ELBAT's environmental management system (EMS), whose objectives include minimizing the negative
impact of the production systems on the environment, and mitigating risks to people. Thanks to EaP GREEN, RECP is now a well-understood concept within ELBAT, and it is used to improve the company's performance, part of its EMS. This publication shows the company’s experience reported after the monitoring exercise conducted in 2021, four years after the programme ended.
RECP measures led to the company benefits, such as
Implementation of 5/7 RECP options (plus housekeeping rules to improve general energy efficiency)
Total economic savings of 81,550 EUR/year
General payback period of 2.5 years
Reduction of resource consumption per battery unit: Electricity: 2 % | Natural gas: 4 % | Water: 16 %
Reduction of waste generation per battery unit of lead: 11 %
Emission reduction of 10 tonnes of CO -eq/year
Improved occupational health and safety measures (due to better energy and waste management)
Contribution to better environmental performance (framework of ELBAT’s EMS)

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