Business case on RECP assessment in "ROZFROOD" LLC date: 2022-06-17

"RozFrood" is a small company dedicated to processing vegetables and fruits, in which it elaborates a wide variety of conserves and natural products. Among them are conserves and frozen vegetables, natural jams and compotes, juices and nectars. The raw materials are all supplied locally. The company's market has steadily expanded and currently includes exports to the USA, Russia, and several European Union countries. Since its very beginning in 2005, "RozFrood" had a philosophy - to provide natural and healthy products without any added chemicals, by focusing on quality and fresh products. These advantages led to additional opportunities for growth (and resulted in an increased capacity, three times larger than the initial production site). Motivated to improve its environmental performance and optimize its resource usage (materials, water, energy), the company participated in the RECP demonstration project under EaP GREEN (2013-2017). This publication shows the company’s experience reported after the monitoring exercise conducted in 2021, four years after the programme ended.RECP measures led to the company benefits, such as the Implementation of 13 RECP options.
Total economic savings of 13,792 EUR/year
General payback period of 7 years
Reduction of baseline consumption per processed kg:

Emission reduction of 77.6 tonnes of CO -eq/year
Installed energy-efficient facilities and solar technology for electricity, heating, and washing processes

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