RECP alumni experts meeting

Armenian experts on resource efficiency, clean production, and circular economy were invited to the RECP alumni meeting that took place on 28 April in Yerevan. RECP alumni have used the meeting to exchange their new experiences, and knowledge on the demonstration of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology, its potential use and application, as well as technical expertise and auditing methods. The meeting has mostly been covering the idea of the potential establishment of the RECP center and RECP professional platform.

Experts have discussed the ideas of improved marketing for the RECP center and professional platform, such as an online directory of experts, additional functions for the RECP center, such as SMGP, certifications for companies, green financing and capacity building, partnerships with relevant institutions, services for small, medium and large scale business companies, business tourism assistance, demo-site with RECP applications, creation of responsible business company networks and many other interesting features. Experts have also mentioned the importance of awareness, participation in development projects and knowledge about the center and its services.

RECP alumni experts meeting was conducted under the framework of the EU-funded EU4Environment programme in Armenia.