2nd Stakeholder’s Group Meeting date: 2024-01-08

On December 21, 2023, 2nd Stakeholder’s Group meeting was held in Opera Suit Hotel in Yerevan. The RECP Stakeholders Group meeting aims to present the current results of the RECP activities taking place under the EU-funded EU4 Environment Action in Armenia and to discuss their application and results in selected industries. The event also aimed to share the industries’ experiences and discuss the recommendations on the possibility of further supporting RECP and Circular Economy promotion in Armenia among manufacturing enterprises, in their supply chains, and other related businesses with the support of the related stakeholder organizations of the RECP Stakeholders Group.

The meeting focused on:

The meeting gathered 22 participants and observers of the RECP Stakeholders Group from the Government, business sector, civil society, and other key institutional stakeholders. It will be attended by the Ministries of Environment, the EU Delegation in Armenia, the national and international partners of the EU4 Environment Action, and representatives of other profile organizations and programs in the country.

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Agenda Stakeholders_21.12.2023_arm.pdf