Business case on RECP assessment in "Ararat-Chanshin" LLC date: 2022-06-15

"Ararat-Chansin" is well-renowned in the construction and building materials sectors. It provides services for the construction, installation, and repair works of roads, and it manufactures various products such as asphaltic concrete, building sand, crushed stone, and mineral powders. The company extracts its materials from its own quarry and uses advanced technological equipment for the industrial production of construction materials. Motivated to achieve a more energy-efficient production facility (integrated into its growth plans), the company participated in the RECP demonstration project under EaP GREEN (2013-2017). This publication shows the company’s experience reported after the monitoring exercise conducted in 2021, four years after the programme ended. RECP measures led to the company benefits, such as the Implementation of 7/8 RECP options.

Total economic saving of 193,394 EUR/year

General payback period of 4.3 years

Reduction of resource consumption per product unit (asphalt production):

Improved use of raw materials and working conditions.

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