Business case on RECP assessment in "Galik" LLC date: 2022-06-13

Initially operating as a subordinate unit of a cement plant, "GALIK LLC" now functions as a full-fledged lime producer in the Ararat region. It mainly produces lime (with more than 90% being used in metallurgy and mining, at around 1,100-1,200 tonnes per month). "Lime" refers to both limestone (CaCO ) and its derivatives: "burnt lime" (CaO) and "hydrated lime" (Ca(OH) ). The limestone is obtained in semi-prepared conditions through field stoves. The company's laboratory ensures the quality of the finished products and the main production process at all stages: the splitting of raw material, sorting, roasting, primary crushing, and crushing. The resulting raw material is a specific limestone with high purity and homogeneity. Motivated to achieve more energy-efficient production, the company participated in the RECP demonstration project under EaP GREEN (2013-2017). This publication shows the company’s experience reported after the monitoring exercise conducted in 2021, four years after the programme ended. RECP measures led to the company benefits, such as the Implementation of 5 RECP options (plus housekeeping rules to improve general energy efficiency).

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