Business case on RECP assessment in "Lukashin" Consumer Cooperative date: 2022-06-17

"Lukashin" CC was founded as a community-based small enterprise (SME) consisting of 42 farmers. Its main activity is the production of dried fruits of technical grade and quality (apricots, peaches, plums, apples, pears, figs, and grapes). The fruits are grown by farmers from the Lukashin rural community located in the heart of the Ararat Valley. The average production capacity is 14,000 kg/year of finished products (dried fruits) which are mainly consumed on the national market and partly exported to the Russian Federation and European Union countries. Motivated to achieve more energy-efficient production, the company participated in the RECP demonstration project under EaP GREEN (2013-2017). This publication shows the company’s experience reported after the
monitoring exercise conducted in 2021, four years after the programme ended. RECP measures led to the company benefits, such as the Implementation of 14 RECP options (plus housekeeping rules to improve general energy efficiency)

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