Green Clubs. 6th meeting in Armavir - Module 6: Action Plan date: 2023-12-03

On November 22, 2023, the Armavir Development Center hosted the 6th and final meeting of the Green Club, dedicated to unveiling "Module 6: Action Plan".
The gathering boasted a diverse attendance of 20 participants, comprising representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the region, local government officials from the Armavir community, members of the NGO sector, and the project staff from REC Caucasus, serving as the National Implementing Partner.
Given the overarching goals of the RECP project, which center around optimizing the efficient use of raw materials, energy, and water, judiciously selecting their sources, and addressing waste reduction and neutralization, along with the reduction and recycling of wastewater, and the control of emissions to the air basin, there is a growing relevance for business leaders to engage in action planning. Such planning aims not only to enhance the current situation but also to facilitate the implementation of viable changes in alignment with these critical environmental objectives.
During the meeting, RECP expert, Mrs. Dshkhuhi Sahakyan adeptly addressed crucial concerns related to action planning. She not only outlined the key steps but also provided a comprehensive overview of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology, laying the foundation for the development of a well-informed Action Plan.
The speakers,  Mrs. Dshkhuhi Sahakyan and Mr. Tigran Sekoyan offered a wealth of examples drawn from the previous project's implementation stages in Armenia. Through these illustrative cases, they effectively conveyed the breadth of potential savings. Additionally, they delved into action indicators, highlighting essential metrics that substantiate sound planning approaches.
The project communication and outreach expert Mr. Tigran Oganezov further showcased communication channels and introduced the bilingual website. This online resource serves as a valuable repository from which Green Club (GC) members can extract substantial information. The content available on the website is poised to support industries in their journey towards greater environmental friendliness and resource efficiency.
Concluding the meeting, Mrs. Sahakyan presented and succinctly summarized the materials and outcomes deliberated in the preceding sessions. Furthermore, she elaborated on the forthcoming steps in the Green Club project, providing a clear roadmap for the continued progress and engagement of its members.