Business case on RECP assessment in "Snekarm" LLC

Business case on RECP assessment in "Snelarm" LLC

Established in 2006, "Snekarm" LLC is a food producer of dry bread, potato chips, sweet corn sticks, and various types of pastries, with a total production volume of 9 tonnes of products per month. Before joining the RECP Project, the company did not have any environmental policies in place. Hence, one of its main goals was to start the development of an environmental policy and identify RECP measures (such as the installation of solar PV panels, and means to recycle plastic waste) to increase its environmental performance and outlook. Motivated to achieve more energy-efficient production, the company participated in the RECP Demonstration Project under EU4Environment(2019-2024). This publication shows the company’s experience reported after the monitoring exercise conducted in 2022-2023.

The RECP assessment examined the production site and identified several RECP options, out of which the following three were prioritized by the company, with the last one already being implemented:
RECP Option 1. Installing a wastewater treatment plant: This would allow for the treatment and reuse of 20-30% of the wastewater generated from production. To save more water, a complete replacement of the system would be required (a proposed wastewater treatment plant could include multi-filtering/processing stages (aerobe, anaerobe, ultraviolet, precipitation, etc.)). Here, the company’s potential economic savings would be around 6,000 EUR per year.
RECP Option 2. Installing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels: This consists of substituting the use of natural gas with electricity and gaining independence from the national grid. The measure would simultaneously solve the company’s economic and environmental challenges, as renewable electricity would cover the company’s entire energy needs.
RECP Option 3. Establishing a plastic waste management system: This focuses on collecting and transporting plastic waste to a plastic collection company within the framework of the EU BSB 1138 APRA programme.

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