RECP Experience

The pilot project on resource efficiency and cleaner production in for SMEs Armenia was piloted in 2013-2017 within the framework of the EU funded “Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighborhood” EaP Green “Resource efficiency and clean production” Demonstration project (RECP) implemented by UNIDO and with the local support of Regional Environmental Centre for Caucasus Armenia National Office.

For industrial development projects implementation, RECP uses tested preventive environmental approaches: improved efficiency of resources (reduced production costs and materials, energy and water consumption), reduced environmental impact (less waste products and pollution), improved professional and social health and protection.

The main objective of the RECP pilot project was to improve resource efficiency and cleaner production among business companies and SMEs working in particular in agricultural/food, chemical and construction materials production. RECP aims to improve SMEs' environmental performance and resource efficiency, thereby contributing to sustainable industrial development, employment and income growth. The current cycle of RECP in Armenia is actively working with 55 SMEs in the regions through advancing RECP methodology and practices through the provision of free RECP services and audits, conducting RECP audits and elaborating tailor-made solutions’ packages for each SME or business company.

The government of the Republic of Armenia was largely supporting the idea of green economic development for SMEs and support RECP strategies and activities.

Some dry fruit production, electric battery producers, construction, food, chemical, tourism development companies received and employed RECP recommendations from the RECP team, and are currently improving and increasing their production, decreasing their energy costs, using renewable energy sources and cleaner production methods and techniques, and as a result, have a chance to suggest more clean and competitive produce to the market and customers as a result of the assistance of RECP team.

RECP enables SMEs with an easy to read guidance for using resource efficient and clean methodologies and practices in the business sector, where each producer can benefit from the reduction of production costs and finding innovative technological solutions; increase in labor productivity, improvement in product quality; reduction of costs associated with waste production and pollution; improvement of production conditions, reduction of energy and material losses, better housekeeping and management practices improving environmental compliance of the business sector.

As a result of the Project implementation:

Number of companies which took part in the project through assessments, clubs, events: 12 SMEs involved in First National Conference,


Number of workshops/events organized and participants


During yy.2015-2017, using the RECP methodologies, 55 pilot SMEs in targeted areas have been consulted by RECP project experts to improve the efficiency of SMEs activities and have provided relevant recommendations, elaborating 55 RECP Business cases and Rapid Assessments for Armenian SMEs in food, chemical, construction material production, as well as tourism, jewelry and carpet production, and other industries.


RECP measures recommended 

The project has suggested relevant solutions for SMEs to reduce emissions and pollution through demonstration of CO2 reduction and RECP: