Ongoing RECP assessments in Armenia RECP assessment

One of the goals of the EU4Environment Regional Programme Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Project in Armenia is the optimization of productive use of natural resources (materials, water and energy), and minimization of the adverse impact of production systems on environment and nature through reduction of wastes and emissions. To achieve this goal the project team has established a network of RECP experts, which implements RECP coaching, assessments and audits for each individual SME involved in the project. This summer, RECP experts have continued their in-plant assessments and visits to SMEs working in the field of metal, polyethylene bags, furniture manufacturing; wastepaper recycling; sewing factory; fish and food production. As a result, experts have already identified solutions related to waste and recycling solutions for fish producers, energy efficiency cost reduction options, material efficiency and optimization, and other RECP options, helping SMEs to improve their environmental and economic performance.